Large Complex Payroll? No Problem


Large Enterprise

When you work with the payroll experts, you get custom-tailored solutions to fit your organisation — saving you time and money and giving you expert support and accuracy.

Reduce costs through automated systems

Hours of repetitive tasks and effort spent on high-volume, low-value activities can be saved by implementing automated solutions.

Efficient batch processing

The Batch Operation tab on the Paymaster start up window enables users to process or perform a task on multiple employer files with a single click.

Instant Data Transfer

When your organisation’s HRIS is integrated with your payroll solution, the two systems work from a single database ensuring fast results.

Automate your expense claims

All expenses will be recorded under one dashboard for admins and employers to review. Providing you with a complete digital audit trail, that keeps you audit-ready.

Accurate and Reliable Analytics

We know that when managing large teams, it’s important to understand how disruptive sickness is to a business – and it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your absence levels.

Unsure how to solve your requirements?

Let our strategic HR and payroll team carry out a review and advise which software and services will best suit your needs, ensuring anything you implement will provide real benefits

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