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Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man
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Support from friendly, helpful, and most importantly, knowledgeable Payroll advisors. Based in Jersey, for your peace of mind.

Smartly Coded & Maintained.

Powerful Performance

Run your Payroll, smoothly and efficiently with touch of button returns. Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man Compliant.

Flexible & Customizable.

Truly Multi-Purpose

Paymaster payroll software is built for all organisations in many Jurisdictions. It adapts as your HR and Payroll requirements change.

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What Clients Say

Nurture HR and Payroll Software has helped our Jersey and Guernsey offices work together better.

Susie Head of HR, International Bank, Jersey

I can trust Paymaster to get my payroll RIGHT, every time. Paymaster offer payroll software which is easy to use and intuitive.

Andrew Local Entrepreneur, Guernsey

Changing from my existing payroll software provider to Paymaster has been quick and easy. Running my clients payroll has become so simple.

Maria Payroll Consultant, Jersey